What to do before “resigning” from a full-time job

Before “resigning”  from the job, there’s a lot to prepare for. Every job is good, but for those who dream big, This life wants to be your boss,  100% self-responsibility,  freelance. Ordo something about yourself. It’s a solution for people who want to be like that.

But before “resigning”  from a permanent job that was (over) to a world where things were  uncertain. There’s not even time off, weekend breaks, maybe no, or maybe even resting all the time because of unemployment.

Before “resigning”  should minimen the burden.

The first thing I would recommend and should do is minimize the burden. Because debts are followed by installments, which are fixed expenditures, whether cars, phones, homes, appliances, these things should be reduced as much as possible before deciding to resign. khaohotdara.com

Emergency reserves are a must-have.

After that, prepare the reserves for a year, take the kind that if there is no income coming in at all, you can stay for another year,  casually, without trouble. Don’t smash the curry pot, ’cause the real world isn’t that kind.

All that’s recommended is to reduce stress to keep our brains clear. Stop thinking about money and spend some time creating a business, managing something else, because what did you do? Graduating, taking the only money collected since childhood to open a business immediately.

Ask if you’re going to survive, but it’s stressful to rent a shop, pay employees’ wages, and it’s important that money spins in the business again. Ha ha, I thought it was awesome because there was only 3-4 hours of sleep a  day.

The most important thing to do before quitting your job is to make sure you have a business plan. Home language is how we make money. Be as prepared as possible, and the business plan must always be prepared for the worst-case scenario.