5 species of birds that incredibly plagiarized human voices

5 species of birds that incredibly plagiarized human voices

A bird that can anim the voice of a human being. Many people may think that the birds that we are going to present today are not going to be able to get away with the golden parrots that are the talking birds. If you’re thinking that way, I’m telling you, you’re wrong. Today vulcanlirik is going to present the story of the talking birds. You want to know which varieties are available?

Birds, licking human voices.

1. Sarika Bird (Magpie)

Unlike other species of crows, this bird is usually a shy bird. We often hear their rumbles almost every time we enter the forest, but there is a chance that they are not so easy to see, they can make many different kinds of vocals, sometimes licking the sounds of other birds, including people’s voices.

Sarika Bird (Magpie)

2.Sun Conure

It is a bird whose family comes from a parrot. The body is about 12 inches long, native to South America. The bird will scream, but if it feels like it has become another member of our family, When you wake up in the morning, you might hear a sound of it that’s a light complaining sound, or play with a toy to get your attention back on it. That’s really bad, little guy.

3.African Grey

African Grey There are species of the same family as parrots. In addition to licking our voices, This breeder can also trained to perform other activities, such as walking through hoops. The highlight of this is that it can sound more like a person than any other species. The breeder can teach this bird to sing. How clever each one is depends on the shepherd how much care to teach the birds. Most people tend to keep playing for enjoyment.


Crows are another smart animal. Have you ever read a story  about a jug of water and a crow when it’s thirsty, but the water is dinging on the bottom of the jug? The crow dropped the stones in the jug one at a time until the water rose, causing them to consume water. It can also imitate human voices. Because crows considered to be birds with a great level of intelligence. Even if everyone thinks it’s cunning.


This species of bird. Which is about 34 centimeters small, founded in East Timor and in our neighboring Indonesian islands. General, this species of birds commonly referred to as the “yellow crested   cockatoo”, and indigenous people on indonesian islands call  cockatoo.  Most people prefer to feed this cockatoo because, apart from being talked to, it is also beautiful, naughty, cute, and the specialty of this bird is its dancing itself.

How about a bird that can anim the voices of people that we bring to our friends? What species are familiar or experienced with birds that can be said?